Liliana Plascencia De Soto

Liliana Plascencia De Soto is from Jalisco, Mexico and a mother of 2, an eleven year old son and a nine year old daughter. Her and her family live in San Lorenzo in the Bay Area. She is a parent advocate and is extremely involved in her children’s education; her husband and her decided she would stay at home for the first years of their children’s lives so she can focus fully on their development at home and at school. But even as an involved parent it wasn’t easy for Liliana to learn her children’s rights when it came to their education or even her rights as a parent. From personal experiences, information was not accessible in her school community as it should have been. It is every public schools’ responsibility to provide the necessary resources and services that a student needs for their emotional and academic growth. As a migrant from Mexico she wants to share her knowledge and experiences to parents everywhere; she wants to make sure that people are not afraid to ask for help or to demand for resources. Liliana’s purpose is to provide families the information they need to make sure they’re children are successful at school and in life.

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