Luis Alejandro Montes

A first-generation Citizen of the United States born to Colombian immigrants, Luis Alejandro Montes grew up around San Diego County. In High School, Luis became interested in social justice reading about the subjugation of left-leaning governments in Central and South America by the United States during the years of the Domino Theory. Later, as a student leader in the movement for a legally enforceable renewable goal in the City's climate action plan, he organized and educated community members about the importance of rapidly attaining carbon-neutrality as a society. All of those efforts ultimately resulted in Luis being sponsored by the Sierra Club to attend an environmental organizing training in the Angeles Mountains, speaking in front of the Public Utilities Commission about Sempra's illegal use of ratepayer dollars, and winning the 2016 FEAT award for Rookie Activist of the Year at the Sierra Club's annual gala. Luis wanted to see more of California and took an opportunity to train as a wildland firefighter in Ukiah California, about 800 miles away to the north. After the 2016 presidential election, Luis felt an even stronger call to return to work organizing for positive change. He now resides in San Bernardino County as a freelance writer and environmental policy advisor for several local campaigns.

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