Marisol Guerra

Marisol is a parent leader and educator born in Santa Clara County who currently lives in East Side San Jose with her husband, two sons and daughter. She is a parent at KIPP Prize and KIPP San Jose Collegiate and founding parent and educator at Rocketship Rising Stars Academy. She connects to her Mexican roots on her fathers’ side. She started her love of teaching when she was 16 years old by working with children that had many different disabilities and not long into her career, she knew she wanted to be the voice and advocate of all children’s education. Marisol started to realize that it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to voice for students. Along the way she has learned about the impact and decisions that public officials, school board members and the school administrators make that impact students and their education. Marisol has been an advocate for school of choice since 2009 when she helped authorize 21 high quality public charter schools for Rocketship public education. She is an Advocate for her children, students and families. She supports parent advocacy, school of choice and for students to attend high quality schools. Marisol graduated from James Lick High School in 2001, she also received her BA in Early childhood Education in October of 2019.

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