Salma Perez

My name is Salma Perez, I am an Indigenous Zapoteca whose family roots trace back to Oaxaca, Mexico. I was born and raised in the territory of the Tongva Nation also known as Los Angeles in the community of El Sereno located in the North East part of Los Angeles. I am an alumna of Anahuacalmecac International Preparatory of North America also known as Semillas Community Schools, which provides an autonomous community-based education rooted in culture, identity and academic excellence. Anahuacalmecac is an institution that is located in my community of El Sereno and the first public charter school to become an International Baccalaureate World School in the city of Los Angeles. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in liberal arts with an emphasis on political science and have attended Mount Saint Mary’s University for the past four years. I am currently taking classes at East Los Angeles College.

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