Vanessa Carbajal

Vanessa Carbajal is a parent leader at Kipp Excellence Community Prep, and a community canvasser who works with Innovative Public Schools in Redwood City and East Palo Alto, California. She has lived in Redwood City since 2016, and has two children, Liam and Genesis. Vanessa was born in the Dominican Republic, a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. She immigrated to California four years ago and her daughter started her classes at Rocketship Redwood City Prep, then moving on to KIPP Excellence Community Prep. Three years ago, Vanessa became more involved in her daughter's education; attended meetings, parents' coffee, festivals, etc. She realized the active participation of parents is essential for students to be successful. A year ago, she decided to become a parent leader because she observed that students face many obstacles and only with the help of parents and good organization can they acquire everything they need to be successful students. A very happy moment for her was when the parents organized last year; they went to Sequoia High School District, demonstrated their need for a new quality high school, went to the offices of politicians who have the power to make decisions, and all parents were confident that their work was going to pay off. Finally, the children got what they deserve: a new quality high school in East Palo Alto, which will begin next school year.

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