Yaneth Padilla

Yaneth Padilla is a Mom and leader in her community; her seven year old son Isaac is one of her biggest joys. Isaac is part of the special education program in the Oak Grove Unified School District. Yaneth has always had an interest in school involvement and development. Participating at school meetings and events is a way for her to help her son, be in tune with his academic environment, and be able to share what she learns with other parents. Yaneth keeps herself informed on the rights special needs students and adults have; she will not be deprived from resources or discriminated against for being of Latino origin. Yaneth fights for equity for special needs children. Being part of the “Yo Soy Tu Voz” parent group has taught Yaneth many things, but the most important thing is knowing how to advocate for her son Isaac to have access to a fair and equitable education.

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