Introducing LA Comadre…

LA Comadre has been in the making for years. In one way or another, we have all been working to help the kids we know and love for years—with one Comadre or another. We rely on each other for help, advice or a cheerleader when we are overwhelmed.

Each of us has our own story.

But, unfortunately, no one has wanted to listen to what we have to say. The newspapers rarely tell our stories. Even if we contact the newspapers or news outlets, they only often don’t have time to return our calls or emails. And it sucks.

So we decided that we wanted a place to be able to share our ideas, our perspectives and say what the hell we want to say.

We want LA Comadre to be a source of good info and advice and opinions. And we also want to be able to connect with other parents, Tias, Ninas and Nanas who are looking for a community to help support the kids they love and their schools.

In true Comadre fashion, we have each other’s backs. We want to make sure that this blog has information that you can use to help the kids in your life.

We all have relied on a Comadre to help us with our kids. And we’re going to use this blog to answer questions like:

  • Where can I find a good childcare provider?
  • What do you know about our neighborhood school?
  • Do I have to send my daughter to the neighborhood school even though its been failing since I was a student there- 30 years ago?
  • What can I do to help my kid who has special education needs?
  • Are there any programs with dual language because I want my kids to learn Spanish- AND be able to communicate with their grandparents?
  • Do you know have a good divorce lawyer?
  • What do you know about charter schools? Which charter school do you recommend?

All of us here are Latinas. We’re not all moms—but we are Tias, Ninas and Play-Tias.

In one way or another, we have kids in our lives who we want to get the best education possible, because we want them to have the best life possible.

We all know that Latino children, African-American children and poor children have bad education outcomes. Not enough of our kids are going to college or graduating. We have more of our men going to prison than to college. Our kids who graduate from high school aren’t always prepared for college…and it’s been like that since we were in LAUSD schools in the 80s and 90s…for at least 30 years.

We want to make sure to help each other with tips, advice, resources and help make connections for the kids we love.

For now, the blog will be English but we will are planning to also make it available in Spanish if people are interested.

Let us know if you are interested in contributing.

About Us

Collectively we are:

Moms. Tias. Ninas. Educators. LAUSD graduates. LAUSD Survivors.

Parents of children in Charter Schools. Parents of children in Traditional Public Schools. Parents of children in Magnet schools.

Metiches. Pediches. Lol. Yes, we did.

Daughters of parents who taught us that what we have to say matters and who taught us the power of love, service and compassion.

We are also our parents’ Legacy and all of them have instilled in us the value of an education. They may not have known how to secure a high quality education but they taught us that it is important.

We are building a community to help all of our children with their education.

We are all in this together, with you, and want to be a resource for you, for all of the children you love and so when you need some info…you’ll know where to go…just go to LA Comadre.

Our Dedications

There could be no other perfect day to launch LA Comadre! Today on Dia De los Muertos, I honor my ancestors for their existence. Sharing the same birthday with my grandfather and father whom have passed, has always been a deep reminder my existence is special. My past has brought me strength to raise and fight for my two little tesoros who own my heart. Last but far from least, I thank the lord for sending me my first born Mariah on November 2! Happy birthday daughter of mine. I thank you endlessly for the inspiration your existence has brought me. I write for my past, present and our future.Cindy Borbon

The launch of LA Comadre is dedicated to my inspiration, my husband and children, because they fill my heart with endless love and joy. They spark my relentless passion, which fuels my commitment and daily advocacy to make the world a better place. To my father Alfonso, whom I love, miss dearly and owe everything to, my mother Maria Teodora for giving me her strength and my siblings, I love you. Para La Familia Medina, con mucho Amor y Agradecimiento.Lisette Medina-Duarte

I’m dedicating this labor of love to my Mom, Ernestine, who was the backbone of our family and who taught me how to advocate for others. Through her, I learned important lessons about being of service, of helping our neighbors and of caring for other people’s children as though they were our own. As the only bilingual woman in our neighborhood and in the school she worked in, she always helped other Moms- she helped them register their kids in schools, read report cards and translate in parent-teacher conferences. She would guide parents about what they needed to say, who they needed to talk to- all in the spirit of making sure none of the kids got left behind. I am but a tiny reflection of the incredible woman she was. Everything I do is to honor your Legacy, Mom. Everything. Alma V. Marquez

My father taught me to stand up for what I believe in, to reach for the stars and follow my dreams. He taught me that greatness is not found in possessions, power or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service and character. Your character is what those who loved you and were helped by you continue to remember you by. Not only did you instill these values in me, but you lived your life in such a way so that I would learn from your example. You loved me, nurtured me, combed my hair and tucked me in. Most importantly you loved me unconditionally and gave me the greatest gift, you believed in me. Y ahora en tu ausensia, not only do I thank and honor you, but also those that have continued to carry me through this unpredictable journey que llamamos “la vida”. Everything I am, you helped me to be. When I am at my best, I am my father’s daughter. Te extraño y en tu memoria esto es para ti.Lily Gonzalez

I dedicate this website and all my contributions, to the one and only Jane. My Mami. Because of you I am the educated confident woman I am today. You have always known the importance and life changing value of education. As an immigrant and English language learner, you decided to take that brave first step and enroll in Cerritos College on the same day I started first grade. You told me we would embark on this educational journey together. As I grew, your support and encouragement never faltered. I clearly remember many times how you would take me to class with you at Cerritos and then Cal State Los Angeles, where you graduated, as a way of exposing me to higher education. However what will always be kept dear in my heart are the words you would often tell me while I sat in class by your side listening to your professors: “Meli, if I can do this in another language, there is no reason you can’t in your own language.” It is those words that have always resonated with me from one grade level to the next. I would think to myself, “Of course I can, Mom” and I did. For you, Mom, the option was never if I would go on to higher education but rather where. I can’t thank you and admire you enough for your strength and perseverance in your own educational journey as it was the catalyst for mine. Much love, Mami.Melissa Revuelta

What do you think?

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La Comadre

We are Moms, Tias, Ninas and Play-Tias who love children in our lives and we want to help every child succeed in school. Navigating schools and education—from preschool to college—is hard. We want to help each other with this.
We are all in this together with you. We want to be a resource for you and for all of the children you love. Whether you need some info or you have info to share, you know where to go…LA Comadre.

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    Sara Z. Mijares

    CONGRATULATIONS LADIES. What an inspiration. All the subjects are of utmost importance. I am going through the second round as a mom, now a “abue/abuela? and all issues pertaining to children are of interest again and for 37 years I was on the fifty percent of the married ones and now became a statistic of the other and I see that one of the subjects is “where to get a good divorce lawyer”. Anyway, I am with you comadres. Abrazos y bendicionies. Adelante.

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