Mark Your Calendar: Free “Cash for College” Event on 11/19/16, at Los Angeles Trade Technical College

When discussing college, the shared concern by most students and their families is money. During the last fifteen years, Los Angeles Cash for College has hosted an annual FREE College and Career Convention to provide students and families more information and guidance on financial aid and the college application process. Last year, the College and Career Convention helped more than 10,000 students and parents learn and plan for college. Additionally, over 7,000 students were served throughout the numerous FAFSA and Dream Act workshops. These efforts helped students attain access to over $35 million in financial aid. This year, LA Cash for College is hoping to serve even more students and families as they continue to promote that college is a possibility for anyone, regardless of income, background, and immigration status.

LA Cash for College has partnered with Univision’s morning segment to continue spreading the message to our communities about their upcoming, free of cost, college and career convention. The event will occur this Saturday, November 19, at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College and will offer free parking to all its attendees. The convention will provide important information to students and their families regarding financial aid, scholarships as well as road maps to plan ahead for the future. The event will also provide information regarding careers and will be catering to all families and students, regardless of age. If students have not submitted their financial aid application, there will also be opportunities available for them to submit either the FAFSA or the Dream Act Application with the help of financial aid experts.

As an added bonus, the LA Cash for College will also raffle ten, $1000 scholarships amongst its participants.

At this annual convention, attendees will also be provided with more information regarding the upcoming Super Saturday. The Super Saturday, which will take place on January 21, 2017, is a day in which numerous financial aid workshops take place across the Los Angeles area simultaneously. These workshops will occur at local high schools, community colleges and other community centers. To find a workshop near you, simply visit

Do not miss out on the many opportunities available to receive more information on how to finance a higher education. Saturday’s event is FREE, as are all LA Cash for College events. Share the opportunity with friends and families with college bound students and make sure to ask questions. Remember that preparation is key, and knowledge is power!

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