KIPP Goes All In for DREAMers in DC

It is incredibly important to know “who your people are” in your time of need. Actions speak louder than words and money.  KIPP Charter School network convened a panel on Capitol Hill to urge Congress to fix DACA and pass a clean Dream Act.  

Reed Hastings, Co-founder of KIPP Charter Schools, Dave Levin of KIPP Schools and Rod Paige, Former Education Secretary, all went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to convene a panel to advocate for immediate passage of a clean DACA fix. Urging Congress not to use #DREAMERS as a bargaining chip but to instead do the right thing by the thousands of people brought to the United States as children.  

Several KIPP students and teachers told their stories and the entire advocacy group talked about the incredible urgency and importance of Congress finding a fix for #DACA by the end of the year as more than 20,000 DACA teachers lives are in limbo at the moment, including teachers from within KIPP schools.  All in all, there are nearly 800,000 lives that are currently affected by the suspension of #DACA.

We should be incredibly grateful to these folks for making our communities a priority and advocating on behalf of thousands who feel hopeless right now as their lives are twisting in the wind.  

Tweets from Speakers included the following:

Notorious Ph.D.@Educator_X 23h23 hours ago


“I’m a #Dreamer that worked two jobs with a full course load in college. My mother has a green card. If we don’t do something about #DACA , she and I will be separated.” – Nancy @KIPP #ProtectDreamers

KIPP Houston@KIPPHouston 23h23 hours ago


Getting rid of #DACA will derail the careers and livelihoods of teachers, students climbing #toandthrough college, and many others who have always called the US home. #ProtectDREAMers #heretostay

Kevin Hernandez@KHernandez_DC 24h24 hours ago


#HappeningNow @KIPP discussion w/ @LIBREinitiative & Fmr Sec @usedgov Paige RE: importance of #DACA legislative solution

Wil Del Pilar@Wil_EdTrust 23h23 hours ago


“I have been in the U.S. since I was 5… After March if something is not done I will be separated from my mother and that is devastating to me” Nancy, DACA recipient. @KIPP #ProtectDreamers

KIPP Houston@KIPPHouston 15m15 minutes ago


#Houston voices were loud and proud on #CapitolHill. We are so proud of the courageous @KIPP alumni for showing up and speaking up. #Congress must put an end to the uncertainty around these young Americans’ lives! #ProtectDreamers

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