La Comadre & Pacoima Charter Share Gratitude Social

We were so honored to have been invited by Pacoima Charter 4th/5th grade students to a special event called a Gratitude Social. On a yearly basis they extend these invites to community leaders or school staff they feel are making an impact on their lives.

Many of the children remembered participating in the events we hosted a few months back in their school and community (Tacos Y Temas, LAUSD Candidate Forum, and Cafe Con La Comadre at Tia Chuchas). But most of all they remembered we brought food, gifts, and talked to their parents about how to tell their stories, and why it’s so important to vote.

Students were dressed to impress and greeted us as we arrived to offer beverages, hors d’oeuvres and escort us to a seat. It was heartwarming to see the care and attention to detail they provided for their guests.

A local police officer, and the school doctor, nurse, teacher, psychologist, and principal were all invited alongside La Comadre in honor of our support of the students at this exceptional school.

They presented us symbolic gifts inside a beautifully adorned bag that read “With Love and Thanks.” Each item inside the bag had a meaning and represented something they felt about the people invited:

Coin: The coin symbolizes that you are worth more than gold and silver.

Lifesaver: The lifesaver symbolizes all the lives that you save and how you risk yours .

Gum: Whenever there is a family that is separated or there is a hostile situation, you almost alway manage to stick the family back together.

Safety Pin: The safety pin symbolizes how the doctor and the nurse mend us, whether we have a broken heart, a broken bone, or emotional problems.

Dove: The dove symbolizes the peace you bring to our hearts and lives.

Smarties: The smarties symbolize the vast intelligence your all have, you are heroes.

The Key: The key symbolizes safety, protection and someone you can trust.

The Kiss: The outside part shows our appreciation of your strength, the inner chocolate part shows how sweet you are.

La Comadre is committed to empower Parents, Students, Tias, Grandmas, Ninas, Educators, and Leaders to tell their stories as well as encourage our communities to keep championing for quality education.

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Lisette Medina Duarte

Lisette Medina Duarte

Co-Chair at State Council on Developmental Disabilities

Lisette Medina-Duarte She is a mother of two beautiful children, both of whom are are on the autism spectrum. Having one child in a charter school, and the other is in a traditional public school, Lizette is deeply committed to working with underserved and underprivileged communities. She is a grassroots organizer and finds passion in serving as an educational advocate for disability rights, and equality and inclusions for African American and Latino communities of Greater Los Angeles. In addition to managing multiple outreach, volunteer, and advocacy campaigns, Duarte’s 20 years of administrative experience includes fundraising, engagement, events, and sponsorship procurement. She is currently a member of the advisory board for UCLA’s Tarjan Center and a member of the Empowerment Congress. Duarte was appointed by former Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina to the state Council on Developmental Disabilities. She is also a member of the Community Police Advisory Board for the Northeast Los Angeles Police Department, and serves as a board member for several California nonprofits.

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