Monitoring Suspension and Expulsion Rates: A Useful Tool

Edsource has just published a really great tool to look up suspension rates for schools in California.  This resource allows you to look up schools in your area and check out how they fare on suspensions and expulsions.  Often times the suspension rate can alert us to the culture of the school and whether or not students of color or students with disabilities are being disproportionately targeted for discipline up to and including suspension and expulsion.

We are passing along this great tool for parents and advocates to use but also because we think it’s important for local school board members to have access to this information.  Would it surprise you to learn than many school board members have no idea how many students are being suspended and expelled from their schools?  It’s true. I recently had a conversation with a school board member in the Inland Empire who confessed to not being aware of the high suspension rate which in many cases led to students getting cited and introduced to the juvenile justice system.   We hope this easily accessible tool will be utilized by elected officials to check on their district’s suspension/expulsion rates! More importantly, we urge school board members everywhere not just to be informed about those rates, but also craft policies around lowering the rates and providing alternatives to suspension and expulsion.  

Click Here to use the California Suspension/Expulsion Rate Resource by EdSource!

In case you are also interested in reviewing Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium(SBAC) scores there is an easy to use link for that as well.  Click here for California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, or CAASPP

Do you find these type of resources useful?  Let us know.

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