Grandma’s Perspective: Some Tips for Setting a Good Foundation for Your Child’s Education

Hello dear readers! I hope to bring some awareness on the importance of parental involvement in our children’s educational journey. It is necessary to know what is a good education and how to get a good public school education. Education is an essential tool in our lives. It will open doors, and can change the quality of life our children will live.

I am also a strong believer that children learn about the importance of education at home. We need to communicate to children why it is important to put forward our best effort on a daily basis. And the children need to know that we care about their performance as well as their progress. I also think parents and caretakers are the first and most important teachers in their lives. As parents, we must set a foundational base of respect, morality, and good discipline. This will help them in their academic success once they start school.

How do we know our children are getting a good education? Parents research this in several ways such as comparing test results and ratings online. However, I think being in communication with educators and administrators on a frequent basis will allow you to know if they are truly doing their job. Your children’s teachers should know you by your first name. You should have weekly communication with teachers to measure progress and know what your child is working on.

Knowing that a good education opens doors, we must be involved and look for what best suits our children. If our children see that we care and are present, they will likely model what they see at home. This is why I believe our home strategy plays a big role in their overall success. If we set up early onset values and show consistent support, our kids will gain confidence to overcome obstacles. They will believe that they can achieve their goals and earn a university degree.

Teaching our children about respect and responsibility helps students interact with peers and teaches them how to properly communicate with educators and administrators. If every parent and caretaker would do their part in this, we would not have so many bullying problems at our schools.

So parents, as a grandmother, I encourage you to educate our children with these fundamentals at a young age. We are, we will be, and we were the best teachers for them. Let’s help them to be confident and know we are there for support all the time.

What do you think?

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