Learn More About The Enrollment Process for KIPP Bay Area Schools for 2018-2019

The mission of KIPP Bay Area Schools is to operate high-achieving public schools in educationally underserved communities. In the Fall of 2018, there will be 15 schools in the Bay Area. These tuition-free, college-preparatory schools are located in the educationally underserved neighborhoods of Oakland, San Francisco, San  Lorenzo, San Jose, Redwood City and East Palo Alto.

I have gathered more information to help parents and guardians find a different option for their children to receive high quality education in their communities.

How do I get started?

KIPP Bay Area Schools has a lottery based enrollment for all schools. You can apply online at kippbayarea.schoolmint.net  by registering for an account and paper applications are offered at most schools and/or office staff can guide you through the enrollment process at any school site.

Enrollment at KIPP Bridge Academy located in Oakland

KIPP Bridge Academy hosts its application at https://enrolloak.schoolmint.net, but the process is the same as all of the other KIPP schools in the Bay Area.

What kind of information do I need to include to apply?

Filling out the application is extremely easy! All you need is basic information for the student and the parent/guardian. You will not be asked for health information or special education needs when applying. If and when your student gets accepted, and he/she is granted a space, you will have to provide further details to make sure the school is equipping your child with the resources needed for him/her to be successful at a KIPP school. But until then, very basic information is needed to apply.

Important Enrollment Dates for 2019-2020 School Year!

All applications for the 2019-2020 School Year open on August 15th, 2018. Deadlines may vary by school, but the suggestion is to apply before December. We welcome everyone and anyone to apply.

What is a lottery and how does it work?

If the amount of applications received exceeds the spaces available, a public lottery is held. In a lottery, admission is determined through a random selection system. Preferences and priorities are implemented such as siblings of current students and in-district students. KIPP Bay Area is currently working to ensure that preferences are implemented that will honor all families. Families will always be notified about any changes about lottery preferences to continue. All lotteries are open to the public and publicly advertised to families and community members. Lotteries take place in the Winter or Spring varying by school.

Are applications available in other languages?

As of now, KIPP applications are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

*APPLICATIONS FOR 2018-19 SCHOOL YEAR ARE STILL AVAILABLE. SOME SCHOOLS STILL HAVE OPEN SEATS. For others, you may be placed on a waitlist but will receive consistent communication regarding your waitlist placement.

The following is a list of KIPP Bay Area schools, the city they are located in and the current grades they serve. Please find more information on KIPP’s website: www.kippbayarea.org.


KIPP Bridge Academy: Grades TK-8

San Francisco

KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory: Grades 9-12

KIPP Bayview Academy: Grades 5-8

KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy: Grades 5-8

KIPP Bayview Elementary: Grades TK-1 (Eventually TK-4)


East Palo Alto

KIPP Valiant Community Prep: Grades TK-7 (Eventually TK-8th grade)

Redwood City

KIPP Excelencia Community Prep: Grades TK-7 (Eventually TK-8th grade)

San Jose

KIPP Heartwood Academy: Grades 5-8

KIPP Prize Preparatory Academy: Grades 5-8

KIPP Heritage Academy: Grades 5-8

KIPP San Jose Collegiate: Grades 9-12

KIPP Navigate College Prep: Grades 9 (Eventually 9-12)

San Lorenzo

KIPP Summit Academy: Grades 5-8

KIPP King Collegiate: Grades 9-12

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Melissa Salgado

Melissa Salgado

Melissa Salgado was raised in East Los Angeles by her single mother and three older siblings. She graduated from James A. Garfield High School and received her Bachelor's degree in Chicana/o Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2013. She currently works at KIPP Public Schools in Northern California as the Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement. Through personal and professional experiences, Melissa knows the importance of engaging families in schools and more importantly engaging them in their children's education. Her passion has always been in educational equity and her hope is that she can ignite fires in others to embrace the power of personal stories that creates changes in current systems of oppression specifically in our public education system.

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