How Beutner’s Address Impacts the Work of La Comadre

Last week, Superintendent Beutner gave a speech at RFK Community Schools. Movers and shakers in and around Los Angeles were invited to listen to what this new superintendent had to say. La Comadre had the pleasure of being part of the audience, along with parent leaders, district staff and other nonprofits that serve the families in Los Angeles.

This speech was a big deal to us. Beutner was voted in on May 2018, and while he has been briefly in power, his opinion regarding the welfare and well-being of our LAUSD families is very important to us. We want what is best for our parents and their children. La Comadre is a social justice organization that aims for equity that spans beyond simply the schools, the teachers, the union, and the district. Districts, schools, and unions have strong representation. They can make their voice and power heard. In the meantime, our parents are feeling the weight of the decisions made by both the district and the union. La Comadre is personally invested in how this new leadership will play a role in spaces where our parents can be heard.

While we may not agree with everything the superintendent expressed in his address, some of his beliefs align with our mission. We were pleased to hear how Superintendent Beutner talked about parents. Parents engagement in schools is crucial. This includes finding ways that parents can volunteer, exert their leadership and decision-making power. We want parents involved in how schools are spending money, working out teacher contracts, maintaining effective teachers, and how schools are progressing. In fact, we want parents involved in helping to define those measures.

Too many times, we see parents left out of the decision-making process. The district and unions say that they are working towards improving education for our children. That’s great. But we want parents involved in defining what this means for them and our children.

What do you think?

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