We Should Restructure High School to Cater to the Strengths of Our Students

An ideal education for my children would be one in which the instruction being provided to them would put a focus on their talents or strengths. Growing up, I was taught that you have to go to school and get the education they are providing you and that everyone learns the same thing. I was taught that everyone has the same requirements on what to complete in high school to even be able to put yourself on the path to get into a good college. 

The problem is that not everyone’s the same. It has taken me so many years and having children to realize this. All my kids have their own individual talents and ways of learning. Not everyone is good at math. Not everyone is good at English or chemistry. To me, an ideal education would be one that in high school would focus on putting an emphasis on what each student’s strengths or chosen careers are. 

I do, however, believe that up until high school everyone should be taught following the same rules and regulations. I also do believe though that by high school most students already know what their chosen career will be and what their strengths are, so why not put a focus on this to help further develop their talents and have them be absolutely ready for college?

I know in other countries, such as Mexico, once a student is in high school, they begin taking classes to prepare them for their careers. When I first learned this, I was so amazed! 

I wish our schools could do that! I know my daughter is not good at Enligh and literature, she hates it so she really struggles with it. I also know my son is a math wiz. As a parent, I have now had to learn the harsh reality that not every student/child is the same. 

One may learn better visually while the other performs well with audio. I often times feel sometimes we may set up students to fail and do truly wish there was more that could be done in our system to help those flourish with their strengths. 

What do you think?
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Jessica Ortega

Jessica Ortega

Jessica Ortega was born and raised in Santa Ana, California. She is an accountant, mom, student, coach, and widow. She loves hiking, camping, and playing soccer with her four kids. Her hobbies include writing, painting, and cooking. Her passion includes sharing her stories to support others on their journeys as well as volunteering her time to her local schools, community, and for non- profit organizations for children.

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