Thanks to the Teachers Who Continue to be Present in these Difficult Times

My name is Gloria Gonzalez; I live in Fresno, California and have two school aged children who attend Fresno Unified School District and a one year old baby. The situation we are going through has been very difficult for us. The pandemic has been like a bucket of cold water was dropped on us, it took us out of our routine and made us change the way we do things. 

Our children have been left without classes and good in the beginning, it was great not to get up early, have our children safe at home; safe from catching the virus.  As time passed and we realized they would be returning to school any time soon. The worry about them not learning factored in. We care about their academics and education. How will they continue to learn? Here is where the importance of communication with teachers comes in. 

During this week of “teacher appreciation”, I want to take the time to thank those teachers who have been present in these times of need. Those who’ve cared about their students and looked for ways to contact them. Thank you for the love you have for your career, thank you for your time, and thank you for your patience in teaching. It should be emphasized that not everyone is like this, therefore I thank you with all my heart for the help you have extended.  You are the example other educators should follow. Teaching is the only profession that creates other professions. 

I know many times teachers  are not valued, their work is not only 8 hours a day, they leave the classroom and continue at home, planning classes, eviewing work and grading  exams. For this and so much more I give my infinite thanks to all educators who really put in passion into their career.

Thank you Mrs. Arnold, teacher of my 10 year old son Abraham. He says he is very happy with his teacher who explains everything very well, she has a charisma to help the students. Thank you Mrs. Ramirez,  for always being willing to help, I am very grateful that you contacted our Spanish Speaking parents; thank you for having that patience and for always encouraging the students. 

Thanks teachers! Remember that influence all the little ones, you have the power to teach them to love learning, inculcate thinking big, sow dreams, sow values, be that light for many. Your work is not forgotten; students remember a good teacher all their life.

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Gloria Gonzalez

Gloria Gonzalez

Gloria Gonzalez is a proud mommy of three children, she believes all children deserve a high quality education. Gloria and her family live in the city of Fresno, California.

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