Finding New Academy Canoga Park School was like Finding a Gem in Our Neighborhood

New Academy Canoga Park (NACP) School is more than just a school for my children; it is a community. My family and I have been part of the NACP school community for six years when my oldest daughter started her school years, and now I have two children at the school. 

I chose New Academy Canoga Park when my oldest daughter was about to start kindergarten; I knew I wanted a good school for her, and I wasn’t sure what my options were. I knew NACP existed because it was close to where my daughter went to preschool, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good school. One day all my questions regarding the school were answered when someone from NACP came to the preschool where my daughter went and gave us information about the school. I was also able to ask some questions. I liked that the school prepared students with two languages ​​, and the art program also caught my attention. 

After a few days, I started researching and asking around, and everyone spoke highly of the school. I remember going to the school office and asking about the enrollment process for my daughter, and the staff was very friendly. A few days later, I met the requirements, and that was when they gave me the option of dual-language ​​(Spanish and English); It was great for me. I know that not all schools provide this option. 

The dual-language program has been perfect for my children. First, they begin by learning and practicing more Spanish and a little bit of English, but as the children pass and their grades go up, their English increases and the Spanish is less. At first, I was not sure if it would work, but I trusted the teachers and the school and the truth is that the students do adapt, and it is a benefit for them. I say it because my daughter graduated, and she is now in sixth grade, has no problems, and speaks both languages ​​perfectly. She can translate everything for me, and my other daughter, who is a 4th grader there, can too. She is advanced in reading, and she is one of the best in English and Spanish, she has no problems. I love that my children can communicate with my family in Guatemala without any problem, and I thank their school for valuing the importance of being bilingual.

I’m explaining in detail because I know that many parents think, as I once did, that it is going to harm them, but I realized that is not the case, that children are capable and do very well. When I talk to my son I tell him that it will help them in the future. Now this country is becoming multicultural, and it is nice that they learn different languages. I love it because, in the beginning, there were not many schools like New Academy that offer those programs, so this is very nice.

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Jeymi Garcia

Jeymi Garcia

Jeymi Garcia is the mother of three children. All three of her children have been or are students at New Academy Canoga Park School. Jeymi has always valued public education and when her oldest daughter started school, she learned about the best public schools near her. Jeymi wants her children to be well prepared to go to college when the time comes and that is why she always stays informed about what is happening in their schools and is part of parent groups.

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