New Academy Canoga Park is my Safe Haven where I feel Welcomed and Accepted

I am very grateful to New Academy Canoga Park (NACP) for having prepared and taught me with the resources that offer to function better as a mother, woman, student and much more! I have learned to handle things better, for example with my public speaking skills which has helped me in different aspects in my life. The programs that the school offers for the parents of the students have opened many doors for us. I learned the importance of parent involvement in student success and the key tools that improved the ways I help my children. One of the key elements that I learned with my children was communication. We learned  the difference between what to say and how to say things, something that was very important in my family and that has helped me not only as a mother but also my children to communicate with me and how to ask for help.

For parents who are thinking about where to enroll their children and who are mothers like me who identify and value where we come from, they should not think too much about options because NACP is like a gift. 

As a Latina, I think our Spanish language is a very beautiful language, but it can still be a complex language. It is more complicated grammatically and speaking the words are more complicated than English. But what I have always taught my children are the benefits of knowing two languages, how to earn more economically and how important it is for them to help our community. That is something that I have always said to my children: “Children, the opportunity that is given is to serve others, to help others.” I feel that the fact that someone is by your side and can really help you has happened to me when someone tells me: “I will help you”, I feel blessed and that I am not alone because someone speaks my language and can help me. When I am at NACP, I feel comfortable when they translate for me and help fulfill my commitments without feeling embarrassed by my English. 

I didn’t think twice about enrolling my children in a dual language school.I always knew that effort would pay off in the long run. It is a very beautiful achievement that gave great satisfaction because it served us. It is not so much that it serves me, but that it will serve my children. When I was looking for schools for my son Frank, I kept looking for the best ones and at the time NACP was not my first choice due to the commute. 

However, I decided to make the effort knowing the great benefits NACP would offer and that is what led me to apply for the dual language program. 

Overall I am very satisfied with NACP in not only being a perfect fit for my children but also always helping us as parents. With all this support I know I am ready for my younger son to go back to school in the fall. I have always believed that enclosing our children in a glass bubble does not make them immune to anything. On the contrary, when I was fifteen my father told me: “the world exists and you have to explore it.” So I believe when we give our children that opportunity, they mature and grow faster. They learn to adapt to circumstances. They have the ability as when I had to when I taught myself, adapt to living away from my parents, to new situations for me, I had to face life alone. 

I recognize it might not be easy for my kids going back to school in person, as there will be a new normal at their schools. It was challenging for them to adapt when the pandemic started but NACP was there to help us maneuver, so I am confident NACP will be ready to support them in the fall. I just believe it is going to be challenging for everyone, especially since not everyone is vaccinated which I hope soon everyone will in order for everyone to feel more secure and mutually assured to be safe, but I know we are ready.

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Veronica Amador

Veronica Amador

Veronica Amador is the mother of two and a parent activist at New Academy (NACP), where her oldest son graduated from and where her youngest son is currently enrolled in Kindergarten. Veronica is a mother dedicated to her children's education and knows that her children will benefit from knowing both languages ​​on a formal level. She participates and attends the educational workshops offered where she has learned English and how to use the computer.

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