A Space To Learn, Grow, and Thrive: New Academy Canoga Park

There are many things that I like about New Academy Canoga Park elementary school (NACP), but one thing that stood out to me a few years ago was that the school offered classes in the arts such as music, dance, and art. I wanted my daughter to have the necessary programs that provided things she loved such as art in general.  NACP was the best option. She was thrilled when she found out they offered such classes.

I have three children who have attended NACP, one of my daughters just finished the ninth grade. She came out of NACP in 2017 with honors degrees. And I currently have two children attending NACP, a girl in second grade and a boy in third grade.

As a mother, NACP has been very supportive of the programs necessary for my children to have a good education. At NACP I have had the opportunity to talk with other parents; what most other schools lack is a parent center. Many parents do not have the necessary help so that their children can have a good education. And that makes me proud of the school I am in, where they offer services such as tutoring when children have needed it, and parenting classes in which they teach our responsibilities and rights as parents at NACP. It is a place for all of us to learn, grow, and thrive.

What types of programs and classes does the school that your children attend offer? Don’t forget you have a choice to look for the right environment for your children.

What do you think?
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Patricia Trinidad

Patricia Trinidad

Patricia Trinidad is the mother of four beautiful children. She loves the arts and enjoys drawing and painting. Patricia also enjoys teaching, she likes to work with children of all ages. She enjoys the outdoors and loves flowers. She is passionate about helping others and hopes to reach parents through her blogging journey.

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