Los Angeles Unified School District Unanimously Votes to Mandate Covid-19 Vaccines

For the majority of people in California, the idea of mandatory vaccinations is not a new concept.  Students attending public school are already required to have several vaccines in order to enroll. However, as schools across the state begin in-person instruction again, the question about whether to require Covid-19 vaccines has become a hot topic of conversation. Last week, Los Angeles Unified became one of the first major school districts in the country to vote on the matter. 

“Our goal is to keep kids and teachers as safe as possible and in the classroom. A medical and scientific consensus has emerged that the best way to protect everyone in our schools and communities is for all those who are eligible to get vaccinated,” board of education member Nick Melvoin said.

Click on the link to read the report by NBC news.

So… It’s official. In a unanimous 6-0 vote (Boardmember Schmerelson had to recuse himself because of his ties to Pfizer), it was decided that all students in LAUSD, above the age of 12, will be required to be vaccinated once eligible. The new mandate goes into effect in January 2022 and is applicable to all public and charter schools. Upon turning 12, students have 30 days to get their first dose of the vaccine and then 8 weeks after that to get the second. 

Some students may qualify for an exemption; however, requirements for said exemptions aren’t clear yet.  Please note that students who are not attending in-person instruction are not required to get vaccinated. Additionally, students who either cannot or will not get vaccinated against Covid-19 have the option of being tested weekly.   

This is a huge step for LAUSD and we wonder if other school districts in California will be taking similar votes in the months to come. If you’re a parent in LAUSD or in California, what do you think about LAUSD’s decision?

What do you think?
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