How James Jordan Middle School Motivates Me and My Daughter

My daughter is in the 7th grade at James Jordan Middle School. When we were deciding on a school for her, we did a lot of research. I wanted to send her somewhere where she wasn’t just a number in a class, but where she would truly be learning and supported. I saw that JJMS was a place that a lot of parents highly recommended. They had great test scores and academics. 

We decided to take a tour of the school and we went to meetings to hear what the staff had to say about the community. That’s when we knew JJMS was the right choice for our daughter. From listening to staff and administrators, we saw how involved the school is in the child’s education. They are focused on helping children succeed. It’s not a place where your child goes to school and nobody cares about how they’re doing in class. This is a school where they really focus on figuring out how to help the students.

My daughter has an IEP and we make it a priority to support her, so she doesn’t feel left behind or excluded from what other students are doing. On our end, we make sure we do everything we can to help her. And we know that James Jordan Middle School is also on top of giving her resources to succeed because they have so many tutoring opportunities. My daughter used to struggle with reading, but with help from JJMS, she’s been able to get her scores up and feel confident about herself. She feels so proud of the fact that she used to not want to raise her hand in class to read and now she does. I feel so happy that my daughter feels good about her abilities. 

As a parent, JJMS also helps me feel confident about my decision to send my daughter to school there. The school always keeps the parents in mind and engages them. Because of this, I’m a part of ELAC and on the parent council. Whenever there’s a concern, I see how the school handles it right away. They not only help you feel like you should be involved in your child’s education but there are so many ways that you can be involved. Most importantly, their communication makes parents feel welcome to the community. I may not know every staff member by name, but I’ve talked to them and have had great experiences with all of them. 

Education has always been important to me because I only have a high school diploma and I know my children are capable of achieving more. Our children have so much potential and education opens doors and creates opportunities. If I see that my children can achieve great things, why not motivate them and send them to a school like JJMS that motivates them too?

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Evelyn Castillo

Evelyn Castillo

Evelyn Castillo is a mom, wife, and daughter. She has 4 kids, 2 daughters and 2 sons. Evelyn is Central American and was born in California, her dad is from El Salvador and her mom is from Guatemala. She loves to cook, is a huge fan of sports, and thinks it’s really important to find ways to get children outside and moving. In her free time, Evelyn coaches her daughter’s soccer and basketball teams with her husband and brother-in-law.

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