Remembering the East LA Blowouts 50 Years Later

March 1 is a special day in our community because it marks the anniversary of some key protests in our history and our fight for quality education. This year March 1 is especially important because it’s the 50th anniversary of the Chicano Blowouts (walkouts), when youth from Garfield and Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles walked out of their classrooms to protest of a lack of quality courses, the lack of Chicano studies in the curriculum, and a school system that was preparing young men to go to Vietnam instead of college. These protests were pivotal in inspiring other actions across the Southwest states where Chicanos were fighting for their self determination.

At La Comadre, recognizing the activists who have paved the way for our work and who have inspired us to say “Ya basta!” continues to give us inspiration and hope.

The Los Angeles Times has an excellent piece that includes video of activists who were there 50 years ago. We encourage you to read and watch this footage.

Writer Gustavo Arellano has an op/ed in The Los Angeles Times recommending that Parkland student activists study the East L.A. Blowouts that’s worth checking out for connecting the dots to present movements.

You can also watch the HBO docudrama ‘Walkout’, which was produced by Moctesuma Esparza, one of the student leaders of the protests that took place 50 years ago.

What do you think?

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    Cecilia Quijano de Hernandez

    Don’t forget Lincoln High School whose students and teacher Sal Castro led the wa. Wilson who also participated.

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