CHP Focuses on “No Pass” Enforcement for School Buses

Make sure you do not pass school buses with the stop sign out and flashing lights. 

It is now officially illegal in the state of California to pass a school bus while flashing red lights and stop signs are up. The state has passed a new law that increases penalties for drivers who ignore the stop signals on buses and pass the bus.  

In San Bernardino, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will be boarding school buses on September 9, 2019, and targeting motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses. 

The penalty for passing a school bus while boarding/unboarding passengers is steep: a fine of $1,000 for a first offense and possible suspension of driving privileges can be applied.  

The upcoming “No Pass” operation by the California Highway Patrol will involve CHP officers aboard school buses in San Bernardino to observe when vehicles pass when the buses are stopped and signaling with flashing red lights or a stop sign. Officers aboard the buses will then call and report the drivers to officers in the area in patrol cars.

Drivers in both directions MUST stop when a school bus is signaling except when the road is divided or is a multi-lane highway.

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Leticia Chavez-Garcia

Leticia Chavez-Garcia

Leticia Chavez-Garcia is a Mother, Grandmother, former Middle School Teacher, former Member of a School Board of Education and an Education Advocate for hundreds of parents and students in the Inland Empire. Having become a mother at 15, Leticia knows what it’s like to be a single mother trying to navigate the education system. Leticia received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and Public Administration from California Baptist University and a Masters’ Degree in Education Technology from Cal State Fullerton in her 30’s. Leticia has used her knowledge and experience to help hundreds of families as an Education Advocate in the Inland Empire and currently works as an Education Specialist.

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